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Woodland Cultures in Time and Space

Woodland Cultures in Time and Space

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Eirini Saratsi, Matthias Bόrgi, Elisabeth Johann, Keith J. Kirby, Diego Moreno, Charles Watkins

Woodland Cultures in Time and Space
tales from the past, messages for the future

Author: Eirini Saratsi, Matthias Bόrgi, Elisabeth Johann, Keith J. Kirby, Diego Moreno, Charles Watkins
ISBN: 9789608002531
Pages: 400
Format: 17 Χ 24
Binding: Paperback
Pub. Year: 2009


The Editorial Panel
Notes on Contributors

1 Woodland Cultures in Time and Space: Introduction
Eirini Saratsi & Charles Watkins

Conflicting Cultures in Woodland Management

2 Forest Management and Cultural Identity: Conflicts and Agreements in the Alpine Region of Europe
Elisabeth Johann

3 What was Wrong with the Selection System? The Conflict between Traditional Knowledge and Scientific Forest Management in Finland in the 1930s and 1940s
Harri Siiskonen

4 The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Forests and Woodland Management in India’s Conflicting Cultures
Klaus Seeland & Franz Schmithuesen

5 Conflicting Management Cultures: an Historical Account of Woodland Management in Greece during the 19th and 20th Centuries
Eirini Saratsi

6 'Clean” Forests? Forestry, Diversity and Landscapes in France: a Geo-historical Perspective
Xavier Rochel

7 Sylviculture vs. Customary Culture: Campaigns against Timber Enclosures in the Eighteenth-Century New Forest
Carl J. Griffin

8 Charcoal Makers in Bohemia: From Privileged Craftsmen to Strange Forest Dwellers
Jiří Woitsch

9 A Polish Forest Village in Istanbul
Cihan Erdφnmez & Seηil Yurdakul Erol

Environmental History of Cultural Landscapes

10 Tracing Forest History in Periods of Military Conflicts: Medieval Cretan Timber from the Perspective of the Arab-Byzantine Rivalry
Constantin Canavas

11 Destructive Anthropogenic Processes on Forest Ecosystems on Mount Vitosha, Bulgaria since Post-medieval Times
Roman V. Efremov

12 'Red Gold”: Development and Crisis of the Forest Exploitation in Gran Chaco, Argentina in the 20th Century
Adriαn Gustavo Zarrilli

13 Ecosystem, Economy, Culture in US South: from Longleaf to Loblolly
Yaoqi Zhang & Indrajit Majumdar

14 Using the Past to Inform the Future of Scottish Woods and Forests
Mairi J Stewart

15 Ancient Trees as Indicators of Agroforestry Systems – Three Case Studies from Northern Greece
Anna Sidiropoulou & Ioannis Ispikoudis

Successions in Woodland Landscapes

16 Microanalysis in Woodland Historical Ecology: the Example of Leaf Fodder Production in the Ligurian Apennines (Italy)
Roberta Cevasco & Chiara Molinari

17 Effects of the Shift from Coppice to High Forest in English Woods on the Woodland Flora
Keith J. Kirby

18 An Overview of Palynological Evidence for Human Influences on Forest Vegetation in Greece
Achilles Gearsimidis

19 Post-fire Vegetation Succession in Pinus nigra Reforested Stands (Taxiarchis-Chalkidiki, NE Greece)
Eleni Eleftheriadou, Konstantinos Theodoropoulos & Panayotis Dimopoulos

20 Indicator Value of Lichens and Mosses for Land Use History in Mountainous Ancient Woodlands
Melanie Manegold, Helena Pfab & Arno Bogenrieder

21 Habitat Related Aspects of the Ecology of Black Alder [Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.] Forests Differing in their Management History (Ancient and Post-agricultural ones) in south-western Poland
Anna Orczewska

22 Effects of Ailanthus altissima Spreading into Forest Vegetation
Georgios Fotiadis, Ioannis Fragakis & Apostolos Kyriazopoulos

Cultural Histories of Trees and Woods

23 English (and Welsh) Woodlands in Folklore and Legend: ‘Dark Forest’ or ‘Merrie Greenwood’?
Della Hooke

24 Intangible Aspects of Tree Heritage: a Case Study of the ‘Bent Fir Tree’ in Udin Boršt Forest, Slovenia
Mateja Šmid Hribar

25 Secular and Sacred Trees: Perceptions of Trees in Zagori (Pindos Mountain, Epirus, Greece)
Kalliopi Stara, Rigas Tsiakiris & Jenny Wong

26 History and Current Distribution of Valonia Oak in Greece
Anastasia Pantera, Georgios Fotiadis & Efstratios Aidinidis

27 Transculturation of Trees and Shrubs: the Introduction of Aucuba japonica and Larix leptolepis in Britain, 1700 - 1920
Setsu Tachibana & Charles Watkins

28 The Role of Tree Collections and Arboreta in Nineteenth Century English Forestry
Charles Watkins, Paul Elliott & Stephen Daniels

29 ‘Seo Nang-Dang’ Village Shrines in Korean Forests – Past, Present and Future Prospects
Ki Weon Kim

30 Relationship between Forest Vegetation, Wooden Structures and Items of Old Churches in Eratira, Kozani, Greece
Elias V. Voulgaridis & Zissoula Dassiou

Traditional Knowledge in Woodland Cultures

31 Preserving Traditional Knowledge of Forest Uses – an Oral History Study in the Schδchental, Canton of Uri, Switzerland
Matthias Bόrgi, Susan Lock & Martin Stuber

32 Changes of Land Use and Vegetation in Satoyama Landscape of Tango Peninsula, Kyoto, Japan: Where are they Bound for?
Katsue Fukamachi, Hirokazu Oku & Iwao Miyoshi

33 Traditional Farmhouses as Sources for Land Use History – a Case Study from the Satoyama Landscape in Japan
Hirokazu Oku, Nahoko Ogawa, Mio Horiuchi & Katsue Fukamachi

34 The Cultural Landscape of Pomaks in South Eastern Rodopi, Thrace, Greece
Maria K. Sioliou & Ioannis Ispikoudis

35 Socio-ecological Heritage as a Main Value to Protect Mont-rodon Area in Matadepera (NE Spain)
Gemma Estany, Iago Otero, Roser Maneja, Anna Badia & Martν Boada

36 Cultural Heritage Objects in Relation to Land Use Epochs during 20th Century: Results from an Inventory in NW Estonia
Jόrgen Kusmin, Lembitu Tarang, Vaike Pommer, Mart Kόlvik & Triin Neljandik

Planning and Monitoring Woodland Landscapes

37 Land Use Changes in the Greek Woodlands
Ioannis Spanos, Petros Ganatsas, Ioannis Meliadis & Marianthi Tsakaldimi

38 Visitors’ Attitudes towards Hypothetical Hoop Pine Plantations on the Pastoral Southern Atherton Tablelands, Australia
Jungho Suh, Robert Lwanga, Steve Harrison & John Herbohn

39 Expansion of Brown Bear Range in the Course of Rural Abandonment during the 20th Century – a Case Study from the Pindos Mountain Range (Greece)
Georgios Mertzanis, Georgios Korakis, Konstantinos Tsiokanos & Elias Aravidis

40 Identifying Optimal Locations for Native Woodland Expansion and Restoration: a Case Study of the Snowdonia National Park (UK)
Anthi Gkaraveli, Jeremy H. Williams & Antonios N. Papadopoulos

41 Temporal Evolution of Forest Landscapes in Relation to Socioeconomic Changes: the Case of Hortiatis Watershed in Greece
Dimitrios Chouvardas, Christakis Evangelou, Perry Kourakly, Ioannis Ispikoudis & Vasilios P. Papanastasis

42 Market Research of Imported Processed Truffles in Thessaloniki
Vaia Tsitsipati & Athanasios Christodoulou

43 Assessing Profitability of Carob Tree Cultivation under an EU Programme in the Prefecture of Dodecanese, Greece
Karolos Voulgaris & Athanasios Christodoulou



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