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Understanding Vineyard Soils (Εδάφη για αμπελώνες - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

Understanding Vineyard Soils (Εδάφη για αμπελώνες - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

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Robert E. White


Understanding Vineyard Soils
Second Edition

Author: Robert E. White
ISBN: 9780199342068
Pages: 280
Format: 16 Χ 24
Binding: Hardback
Pub. Year: 2015

The first edition of Understanding Vineyard Soils, published in 2009, has been praised for its comprehensive coverage of soil topics relevant to viticulture, and is a major resource for professionals in the industry. However, the subject is not static-new developments are occurring in the field all the time. For example, the 'organic movement' in viticulture continues to grow in importance and the emphasis on wine quality relevant to quantity is changing in an increasingly competitive world market. The promotion of organic and biodynamic practices has raised a general awareness about 'soil health' and methods to assess it, which is often associated primarily with the biological status of the soil. Many commercial laboratories offer an extensive range of tests for soil (biological) health, the relevance of which is not clear to many growers. However, the development of new tools for characterizing soil microorganisms and identifying the specific functions of taxonomic groups is an exciting area of research that may offer answers to some of these questions in the future. This second edition of White's influential book presents the latest updates and developments in vineyard and soil management practices. Just like the first edition, Understanding Vineyard Soils introduces readers from all backgrounds to the principles of viticulture.

Table of Contents

1 What Makes a Healthy Soil?
2 Soil Selection and Site Preparation
3 The Nutrition of Grapevines
4 Where the Vine Roots Live
5 The Living Soil
6 Putting It All Together

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